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Our Mission

Reach our Community

Reach our community and beyond with the good news that Jesus saves (Luke 15, 19:10)

Teach Believers

Teach believers through the Bible how to love God and love their neighbors as themselves (Col. 1:28; Matthew 22:37-40)

Send Believers Out

Send believers into the world to share with others the story of how Jesus saved them (Rom. 10:13-15; Acts 1:8)

Core Foundational Values

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We believe the Bible is authoritative and inerrant. The Word of God is our standard for truth
which is reflected in our obedience.

We depend on God in every area of our lives.

We intend to foster a passion-driven, gift-based ministry.

We love the Lord God with all of our hearts.

We believe that individual and corporate prayer are crucial in worship and seeking God’s will.

We are called to take Christ to the nations by giving, praying, and going.

Core Ministry Principles

Sunday School

Biblical education for all age groups


Offering acceptance, care for others, forgiveness

Blended Worship

Music that's vibrant, heartfelt, reflective


Supporting strong student, youth, and young adult ministries

Empowering leadership

Encouraging each person to use the gifts God has given them

Small group study

Providing spiritual growth while building relationships


A Church Family that clicks. join us on our socials.