Music and Worship

Music is a ministry of service and our response to God’s call upon our lives. The music ministry at Grassland Heights endeavors to create an atmosphere of authentic worship that is both celebrative and reverent to God in all our corporate services.

As a ministry, we embrace an innovative, blended style of music that enhances the musical experiences of our entire congregation. Within each worship experience, we utilize the gift of music in some way to serve God; to praise and extol Him, to edify and encourage believers, to share the gospel with unbelievers, and to support and enhance the spoken Word.

At Grassland Heights, we joyfully encourage the inclusion of solo singers, praise teams and worship choirs, and yet believe that the most important music ensemble of our church is the congregation.

Our music ministry strives to educate all church attendees with the knowledge and usage of hymns and spiritual songs, while serving as a bastion for biblical truth and Baptist doctrine. We truly believe that music is “a fair and glorious gift from God” and are committed to employing it in His service and for His glory.